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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Friendly Plastic TV presents "Have a heart" Mixed Media ATC with Friendly Plastic - New Video

In this episode of Friendly Plastic TV, you'll learn how Friendly Plastic, a type of thermoplastic,  can be used in mixed media art and paper crafting  to create a heart shaped embellishment for an Artist Trading Card or ATC card.  If you are a beginner working with Friendly Plastic, this is a great how-to video to get you started! And be sure to check out our other video's below.

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Here's more heartfelt Friendly Plastic project ideas  for you to enjoy.

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whyducks said...

I love this idea, thank you for sharing it!

Sheds said...

I love this one idea.Thanx to share with us this one is beautiful idea.

codice promozione said...

I show this video.It really wonderful.This This is the friendly plstic T.V.We can learn so many different things from this one.It really help technically.

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whyducks said...

I love this, that for the idea!

whyducks said...

Thanks even oops!


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