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Thursday, January 17, 2013

How to make your own Friendly Plastic ZENTANGLE beads!

I made this video a while back when the Zentangle craze was just getting started.

Since then there have been so many books about it and it's just as popular as ever! 
It's so easy to create zentangle beads in friendly plastic and I hope you have a go at it! Enjoy!

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Diane Booher said...


Enjoyed the video,I have never used Friendly Plastic but I want too.The more I watch you the more I want to try.....I have one little problem Im on a ventilator and just cant jump in my car and go like I used to ....maybe I will send someone shopping for that and mod podge......Thanks for sharing!!!

Erika said...

Diane you can order everything online!! :) I ordered my F. Plastic from Fire Mtn Gems including the tools to work with it. The cooking mat may have to be bought in a store but they are easy to find.


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