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Monday, January 21, 2013

The call for Friendly Plastic Tutorials! - I need your help!!


Föndrið hennar Klöru

from the Netherlands!

I am overwhelmed really with the amazing response to the call for links!  I've spent a good portion of my morning answering your emails and that's a GREAT thing!!!  Please keep them coming - Email Linda your submissions.

As you've already noticed, I've brought the Friendly Plastic blog back as a hopefully "daily" feature.  I receive so many emails about your love of Friendly Plastic as well as emails wondering how to find it and requests for more product, more tools and in general just more of everything to do with Friendly Plastic.  

So, as my commitment to you, the first thing I can do is post daily Friendly Plastic inspiration. That is the easy part.  But in order to raise awareness to the buyers of the major chain stores, we need to prove to them that there is truely an audience for this amazing modeling medium and that is where YOU come in.  

The more you ask your retailers about this, the more you share your work with me, on your blog and social media forums, the more you tell others and get others involved with Friendly Plastic 
the more success I will  have to take this concept to the manufacturer and the buyers and say -" hey -you're really missing out on an opportunity". 

So, please help me help you! I am placing a call out for especially any tutorials that you have that I can feature here on this blog.  We get amazing traffic and this is a good place to show case your work.
If you have any classes that you want to promote, please email me and let me know - I'll set up a side bar link.  

If you happen to be new to the Friendly Plastic blog, I invite you to view our videos on Youtube and subscribe to them as I post them as a monthly feature. 

 You'll also want to make sure that you subscribe to this blog to get our updates and daily inspiration dropped right into your inbox or reader. 
We also have a facebook page that I am committed to updating more.  It's also an easy way for you to post pictures of your work to get them out there to the world.

I also wanted to share a recent post from my personal blog.  Like many of you, I sometimes get in a creative block, so, I put together 5 ways to get out of your creative slump.  I hope you find them helpful! They sure helped me :)


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