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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bloomin' with Class! Gorgeous flowers with Friendly Plastic + 6 Project ideas

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If you think plastic can not be classy - think again!  With a little creativity and imagination, some alcohol inks and a paintbrush along with your stash of Friendly Plastic strips, you're on your way to a major craft therapy session!  This easy alcohol technique is easy enough for beginners but creates effects that will have all jewelry lover's going wild!

Combine broken bits and pieces from your jewelry making projects with the florals to create stunning one of a kind pieces of jewelry.

Friendly Plastic in Full Bloom

STEP-BY-STEP with Jana Ewy
All Rights Reserved Jana Ewy

Skill Level - 3 (slightly advanced beginner)

AMACO® Materials:
Samples of Friendly Plastic flowers 1

Other Materials:

Griddle (set at 200 to 250 degrees)
Alcohhol Inks
Large Bowl of Ice Water
Craft Knife
Cutters: Teardrop and Heart
Glue: E-6000
Cylinder: 8" to 10" in Circumference
Jewelry Findings
Non-stick Baking Sheet
Paint Brush
Silicone Flexible Baking Mat: Cut to Size; 3" x 9"

Samples of Friendly Plastic flowers 2Samples of Friendly Plastic flowers 3Samples of Friendly Plastic flowers 4


Allow Mauve Friendly Plastic sticks to soften on griddle
1. Place the baking sheet onto the pre-heated griddle. Place two mauve Friendly Plastic® sticks onto the baking sheet, and allow to soften.

Press cutters into softened plastic
2. Remove the baking sheet from the griddle. While the plastic is still warm, cut the petals by pressing the cutter into the softened plastic. Dip the cutter back into the cold water after each cut. This will help keep it from sticking to the plastic. Allow the plastic to cool. You may place the pan under cold running water to speed the cooling process along.

Use craft knife to cut around the petals if need
3. Use the needle tool to press under the edges of the cooled plastic and remove it from the pan. Pop out the petals. If needed use a craft knife to cut around each one.

Apply alcohol inks
4. Apply some added color using alcohol inks. Allow the inks to dry.

Allow petals to soften on griddle
5. Place two silicone mats onto the griddle. Place the petals onto the mats. Allow the plastic to soften. This should only take a minute or so.

Wrap mat with petals around a large cylinder
6. Once the plastic has softened, pick up the mat and slowly wrap it around a a fairly large cylinder. I am using a drinking glass.
Note: the circumference of your cylinder will determine the size of the arch in the petals.

Plunge into ice water
7. While holding the mat securely around the cylinder, plunge the petals into an ice bath. Hold there for approximately 2 minutes or until the plastic has hardened.

Lift out of ice water and remove cylinder
8. Lift out of the ice bath and remove the cylinder.

Petals pop off as you straighten the mat
9. The petals will pop up as you straighten out the mat. Dry them off with a paper towel and set aside.

Repeat the process with the smaller petals
10. Repeat the process with the smaller petals.

Dip into the ice water
11. Remember to hold the mat securely around the cylinder while in the ice water bath.

Dry petals off
12. Dry the small petals off and set aside.

Gather petals and jewelry finding together
13. Gather the petals together, along with two small discs that will be used for the centers, and a few accent findings. I am using two small brass flowers and some rhinestones for a bit of sparkle.

Apply a drop of glue to the center of the disc
14. Working on a non-stick surface, apply a drop of glue to the center of the disc.

Place tip of petal onto the disc
15. Starting with the larger flower. Place the tip of the petal onto the disc.

Place second petal along side first
16. Carefully place the next petal along side the first.

Continue until all petals are added
17. Continue until all of the petals have been added.

Glue brass flower into center
18. Glue a brass flowers into the center.

Add rhinestone
19. And then adhere the rhinestone into the center of the flower.

Next glue small petals to another disc
20. Next…glue the petals of the small flower into place.

Continue until all petals are added
21. Continue until all of the petals have been added.

Add drop of glue to center
22. Add a drop of glue to the center.

Place brass flower into the center
23. Carefully place the brass flower into the center.

Add rhinestone
24. Adhere the rhinestone accent into place…and allow the glue to dry.

The completed flowers
25. Your beautiful flowers are complete. Use them in a variety of ways…as jewelry or in home decor designs. The sky is the limit.

Samples of Friendly Plastic flowers 5Samples of Friendly Plastic flowers 6Samples of Friendly Plastic flowers 7

Using Alcohol Ink to make a splash on Friendly Plastic is very addicting. Here we share 5 more Friendly Plastic Projects to Inspire you!

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