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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Easy Garden Crafts - Make Plant Stakes with Copper and Friendly Plastic

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Quick and Easy Garden Crafts  - Decorate your garden with Copper Floral Plant Stakes

Despite the snow storm we have had here at our studio in Missouri USA, I'm still looking forward to bright sunny - spring like days, although I will say the snow outside is quite beautiful.  I thought you might a little view out my studio window today.

I'm going to ask you to put your crafty hats on now.  (yes I'll give you a moment to go find it - )
Have you found it? Great! Have it on? 

This project feature today, doesn't specifically relate to Friendly Plastic.  But it is a good example on how to turn something that you like into a project that you can use Friendly Plastic with.  It combines several things I like; quick and easy craft projects with copper metal.  I love using copper for all sorts of projects.

In this video you will learn how to make floral plant stakes from copper to decorate your garden.  Mother nature is a wonderful artist when it comes to creating a patina on copper, but to speed up the process I show you how to patina copper using heat and achieve all sorts of beautiful colors.  

What I like about this project video is you can use copper  metal sheets or aluminum soda cans to create fun flowers.   I used rhinestones to accent the flower centers, but why not  create some cabochons or create mosaic patterns using the fracture and fusion technique in Friendly Plastic? Mix it up a little!!   

Now that I have your creative caps spinning, watch the video and then create these super cool copper flowers...why not create a whole garden full of them? There always in bloom! 

Also, remember to send in your spring projects to be featured on our next linky party! Contact me

Copper Floral Plant Stakes

designed by
Linda Peterson

  • ArtEmboss® Copper Medium -
  • Wireform® Copper Mesh
  • Spellbinder's Carnation Creation Die
  • Die Cutting Machine
  • Torch, candle or heat gun
  • Aleene's Tacky Glue:
  • Bamboo skewer
  • Acrylic paint – green
  • 24 gauge copper wire
  • Pliers
  • 1/16” circle hole punch.
  • Crystals or baubles of choice for inside of flowers.
Paint bamboo skewer green. Allow to dry
  • Die cut shapes from copper and copper wire mesh  
  • Hold copper flowers with pliers and colorize  by applying heat.  Allow to cool 
  • Punch two holes into the center of each flower.  
  • Thread an 8” piece of wire through the back of large copper flower, large mesh flower and large daisy shaped flower.  Repeat this step going the opposite holes until both ends of wire are on the back.  Twist together.  
  • Wrap wire around bamboo skewer to secure.  
  • Repeat the above steps for additional flower.  Combine flower shapes in interesting combinations. 
  • Apply tacky glue to the center of each flower and add crystals or embellishments of choice.  Allow to dry.   
  • Variation:  use  metal soda cans to add interest to flower shapes. - Use Friendly Plastic to decorate the inside of your flower
 Looking for more springtime or garden crafts?  Click below for more ideas and projects

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