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Monday, February 25, 2013

FAQ - What Kind of Glue or adhesive should I use with Friendly Plastic + VIDEO

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So many great questions are flowing in to me lately.  Let's take them one at a time so that you can find the answers you need easily.

Additionally we have compiled a page with FAQ's and Basic Techniques here

What kind of glue or adhesive should I use on Friendly Plastic?

Jana Ewy has answered this question in the Friendly Plastic Bible and here is a snippit taken from that:

Glues and Adhesives
This is a topic brought up quite often. First you need to determine, what your finished Friendly Plastic® design is being used for. This is a major factor in determining what type of glue is needed. Of course we can’t leave out personal preference.
Craft Glue – For paper crafting, if you are just adding a Friendly Plastic® embellishment, white glue which is designed to adhere plastic will work fine.
Double-sided Tape – Double-sided tape (my choice) is also great for paper crafting and many other applications.
E-6000 – Is great for use with almost all of your Friendly Plastic® projects. For jewelry, you will want to use a silicone-based glue, like E-6000 (my choice) or Goop. The thick consistency makes it easy to pick up small amounts on the end of a needle tool for precise placement. It is self-leveling and will not rust metal components which are being used along with your plastic. {make sure to work in a well ventilated area and follow safety instructions on packaging}
Epoxy – A two-part epoxy is also a good choice when working with small jewelry components. It is fast drying and won’t rust metal components.
Jewelry Cements – There are also several jewelry cements available that are worth a try. You really have to find what works best for you.

Of course each of you will have a personal favorite and we recommend using the one that best suits the technique, climate you live in and your own personal style.

For me recently I have come across Aleene's Platinum Bond 7800 which is similar to E-6000.  I have used it in several of my projects and really like how it performs.  I find it works well on leather, Friendly Plastic and metal jewelry components as well.

It is important to test several adhesives to find one suitable and always follow manufacturer's instructions for safety precautions.

The video below uses a silicone based glue such as E-6000 or Aleene's Platinum Bond 7800 to make a palm tree pendant with scraps of Friendly Plastic and glass marbles available from the floral department at your craft store.

So if you day is a little gloomy, and it's looking snowy or rainy outside, well at least you can pretend you're at the Beach and think warm thoughts- right??

For this project you'll need:

Friendly Plastic colored Sticks or pieces left over from various projects - greens, browns
Rhinestones - we used 4mm in colors of choice
Glass Marble
Silicone Based Glue
Non-Stick work mat
Heat tool
Needle tool
Pre-made necklace chain


  • Cut three or four small green pieces of Friendly Plastic into long triangles
  • Cut a long rectangle of copper Friendly Plastic into a tapered rectangle
  • Arrange pieces on non-stick sheet to form palm tree and melt pieces together.  Let them cool
  • Place the palm tree over a marble and heat slightly until the Friendly Plastic slumps around the shape of the marble.  Let it cool
  • Glue bail onto back of marble.  Glue palm tree to Marble
  • attach to neck chain

Check out all of our FAQ's and Techniques - here

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