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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fast and Furious - Red Hot Beads and Jewelry - Preview

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Friendly Plastic - Fast and Furious - Red Hot Beads and Jewelry - VIDEO Preview
(c) 2013 Linda Peterson Designs

Okay, I wanted a catchy title and grab your attention, did it work?   I can't help but think of dating shows and reality tv when I think of fast and furious!  This is a faced paced world we live in and given that, and given that I know you all have a passion for beads and jewelry making, our next Friendly Plastic TV video will feature 5 Minute Jewelry.

Let me say that again - 5 - Minute - Jewelry! I share an easy technique to creating beads too that you won't want to miss.  It's a secret ingredient!

Our recent HeartFelt heart round up of project tutorials was a hit and this video will be a nice follow up to that.

Jewelry making does NOT have to be complex.  It can be as simple as two or three beads.
So that's a little preview of what's coming up this week.

Also coming up on the 15th is our LINKY PARTY! - If you don't know what this is, it's basically just a way to showcase YOU and your Friendly Plastic Artwork.  Have a click and look at our January Linky Party to give you more of an idea.

It's easy to submit your links to me - just click here for more information on how to submit your projects for a possible feature or for the linky party.

Now to get you creating between now and then - I've put together some more projects and ideas for you to enjoy!

Linda Peterson is compensated and endorsed by AMACO. The guests features may or may not have any affiliation with AMACO.

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