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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Get Ready for Spring - Make Garden Crafts with Friendly Plastic

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Over the next few weeks, we'll be featuring craft ideas with Friendly Plastic that all relate to Spring!  And what better way to start thinking spring than to make some garden decor.  This fun project that is a great way to spruce up your indoor garden as well.  In this project tutorial, Jana shows you  how to use copper metal, wire mesh and  brightly colored sticks of Friendly Plastic to make adorable dancing garden angel.

spring crafts with friendly plastic by Jana Ewy
How to make a garden angel by Jana Ewy

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS - We are looking for Friendly Plastic related ideas related to Springtime Crafts.  Please see the submissions link for guidelines and to submit your work to be featured on our site.Our next Link Party is March 15th so get your links in early.  Ideas for projects:  butterflies; colorful jewelry with spring time colors; fun and whimsical designs such as bunnies, flowers etc; cardmaking with springtime themes; dragonflies; garden art

Jana makes it simple with her easy to follow instructions.

Garden Girl Plant Stake

Craft Project - Garden Girl Plant Stake
Craft Project - Garden Girl Plant Stake
By Jana Ewy
AMACO® ArtEmboss® — Medium Copper, Light Bright Gold
AMACO® WireMesh® — Copper
AMACO® WireForm® WireRod — Copper
AMACO® Fun Wire™ — Assorted Colors and Gauges
AMACO® Friendly Plastic® Sticks — Assorted Colors
AMACO® Friendly Cutters™ — Set #3
AMACO® ArtEmboss® Tool Set
Leaf Punch
1/16″, 1/8″ and Rectangle Hole Punches
Decorative Yarns and Threads
1/8″ Eyelets and Eyelet Tool
E6000 Glue
Fun Foam Sheet
Heat Gun
Metal Baking Sheet
Scissors and Decorative Scissors
Step 1
Enlarge pattern pieces to the desired size, copy onto card stock and cut out.
Step 2
Trace around pattern pieces onto the Medium Copper ArtEmboss® sheet using a stylus and cut out. Use a 1/16″ hole punch to make the holes in the girls head for her hair. Use a 1/8″ hole punch to make the holes where indicated on torso, arms and legs.
Step 3
Texture and emboss the body pieces as desired. Read the package instructions for tips on embossing with ArtEmboss®. To give a soft hammered texture, place the ArtEmboss® Medium Copper pieces onto a sheet of fun foam and lightly pound with the eraser end of a pencil. Gently roll over each piece with a brayer to flatten back out.
Step 4
With decorative scissors, cut a 3″ x 8″ rectangle of the Copper WireMesh®. Punch 1/16″ holes across the top (waist) 1/2″ apart. At the bottom (hemline) punch assorted round and rectangle holes in a random pattern to give a lace effect.
Step 5
Place the Copper WireMesh® onto a metal baking sheet. Heat each of the pieces with a heat gun to create a patina finish. With prolonged heat in one area the copper will turn orange, then rust, then red, then blue, then gold. By moving the heat gun around, you can create some unusual patterns of color. To create the “dots” on the skirt, keep the heat generated in one spot until the color changes, then lift the gun and move to another spot. Let the copper cool, then continue with project.
Step 6
Assemble all of the body parts together using the eyelets and the eyelet tool to secure them into place.
Step 7
Cut a 1″ x 5″ piece of Medium Copper ArtEmboss® and wrap it around the end of the wire rod, forming a tube. Remove the tube and squeeze one end flat with pliers. Glue the tube to the back of the girl’s body using E6000 glue. Let glue dry completely.
Step 8
Cut seven 6″ lengths of Clear/Copper Fun Wire™ and fold each wire in half. Lace one of the folded wires through each hole in the girl’s head. Twist to secure. Bend the wire ends every 1/2″ in a random direction to form a framework for the hair.
Step 9
Hair — Wrap the assorted wires around various size rods to form spirals of varying lengths and sizes. Weave these spirals in and around the framework wires, stretching and bending some.
Step 10
Skirt — Lace an 8″ length of decorative yarn or thread through the holes punched in the hem of the skirt. Lace an 8″ length of Clear/Copper Fun Wire™ through the holes at the top (waist). Gather the mesh as you would fabric to fit around the girl’s waist, twist the wire in the back to secure and trim.
Step 11
Make six Friendly Plastic® flowers in assorted colors using the Friendly Cutters™. Follow the package instructions for working with the plastic and the cutters. Glue two of the flowers to the bust area, one in the hair and three onto the skirt. Continue to embellish as desired adding Bright Gold ArtEmboss® leaves and decorative threads.
Step 12
Free form the WireForm® WireRod into desired shape. Place the Garden Girl onto the rod by sliding the rod into the tube on her back.

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