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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hiding behind a MASK-erade! Friendly Plastic Masks

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We feature a lot of jewelry making with Friendly Plastic. It seems as if we "hide" everything else that Friendly Plastic can do!

Well, today we're exposing some of the possibilities of creating other forms with Friendly Plastic.  Here in this post, we're featuring two designers - Liz Welch and Adrienne Goodenough both from the UK.

They each have their take on how to create masks from moldable plastic that showcase their own individual style.  And each of them share ideas and instructions on how they created these masks from Friendly Plastic Stick and Pellets.

Adriene shares how she uses some basic craft supplies such as paper mache' masks and Friendly Plastic sticks to create a mask for her daughter.

Liz uses fabric, fibers textiles, broken bits of jewelry and just about any other craft supply she can find that fits her theme.

Liz visits charity shops - or as we know them here in the US, thrift shops where volunteers keep broken pieces of jewelry for Liz.  I think it is brilliant to see how she upcycles these pieces into works of art!

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So very creative, very nice!


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