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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to add color to Metal Findings for Jewelry Makers - A new Video Tutorial that's quick and easy!

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It's relatively easy to make your own diy fashion jewelry for yourself or for gifts.  It's also easy to create a whole new look with your metal jewelry findings and beads you already have.

Today, I'm sharing a recent jewelry making video tutorial I made based on my Metalwork Jewelry Book on how to color metal jewelry findings and embellishments..  This works on all types of metal whether its vintage style brass findings, copper or base silver metal and don't stop there, add color to your metal beads too!

While this video doesn't specifically focus on Friendly Plastic it is an quick technique to incorporate into any of your Friendly Plastic crafts projects whether that be jewelry making, paper crafts or even when creating mixed media art. The other plus is that you don't need any expensive tools to change the look of your metal findings, just an alcohol based marker!

This idea also works with alcohol inks too.  Simply grab a paint brush, some rubbing alcohol and a palette and paint on the ink in a similar way as you would with the marker.  It will achieve a similar effect.

You'll want to add a layer of acrylic sealer such as Aleene's Decoupage Medium - glossy.  Adding an acrylic layer over the ink helps to stabilize the ink before putting your varnish on.  Otherwise, the varnish will react with the ink and smear or blend into a color you may not have wanted.

Additionally, experiment with mixing and blending two or more colors of ink together to create a custom color palette.  See, a little playing and you'll be lost for hours!!

Now that you have that technique down! It's time to PLAY!  So grab your craft supplies and jewelry findings and tools and combine your colored findings with some of our favorite jewelry making tutorials below:

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