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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Intertwined Hearts - Friendly Plastic Tutorial by Gillian Fone

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I'm pleased to bring you this Brand new - never before featured Friendly Plastic tutorial by Gillian Fone of the Framework Shop.  This project uses two Friendly Plastic sticks in coordinating colors.  I can think of all sorts of possibilities in using this design for jewelry making and cardmaking.  Very simple project suitable for beginners in Friendly Plastic too!


By Gillian Fone of The Framework Shop


  • 2 metal heart cutters in two different sizes
  • 2 co-ordinating colours of Friendly Plastic
  • Your preferred method of heating e.g. Heatgun, Hotwater, Electric Skillet
 (editor's note:  Heat skillet/griddle to approximately 200 degrees (F); hot water should be just below a simmer.  If the plastic begins to bubble, remove from heat)

  • Cut 2 pieces of Friendly Plastic about 1" longer than the width of the largest Heart cutter. 

  • Join by heating the first piece and then push the 2nd piece up to the 1st.  
  • Heat again to fuse together. 
  • When pliable push the smaller cutter into the Friendly Plastic - making sure to centralise it - and then push the larger one over the first cutter (ie so that one cutter is inside the other). 
  • Allow to cool totally before removing the cutters. 
  • You will then have the 'open' heart and of course a solid heart which you can also use. 
  •  Make a 2nd 'open' heart. 
  • Cut the side of one of the 'open' hearts and slot the other one in.  Then just reheat to join the cut together and you have an intertwined heart.

This project is courtesy of Gillian Fone - please let her know how much you appreciate her kind efforts to share this tutorial with us by visiting her website and leave a comment below.

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