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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Oooze-y Does it Friendly Plastic Project idea - Free Tutorial

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It's the weekend and we're taking it OOozey on the blog today and sharing Liz Welch's signature techniques.

This is another way to expand your craft skills with this moldable plastic medium.  Just look at the colorful results and the texture that you get when you melt plastic and use it through a variety of items.

Have a look around your home or studio for interesting textures to press the Friendly Plastic through.  Perhaps you have some old lace, wire mesh, punchinella, sequin waste, vintage findings, - all of these ideas will provide you loads of fun as you explore this Friendly Plastic idea.

While Liz primarily uses Friendly Plastic sticks because of the array of metallic colors, you can also use pellets that have been colored to suit your style.

Enjoy this tutorial and take it OOOzey this weekend - you deserve it!

Ooozey Does it Earrings

Craft Project - Ooozey Does It Earrings
Craft Project - Ooozey Does It Earrings
By Liz Welch
Materials Needed:
Turquoise and Mauve Friendly Plastic® Sticks
AMACO® WireForm® Brass Designer’s Mesh
Silicone glue
Step 1
From the Designer’s Mesh cut a strip 12cm x 5 cm (4 3/4″ x 2″); this should provide at least 16 long strands of wire in mesh piece.

Step 2
Fray both the short ends using pliers until there is only a small amount of mesh left in the middle measuring about 1.5cm (just over 1/2″) long. Cut in half lengthways making sure there are 8 long strands of wire in each piece.
Step 3
Heat a small piece of turquoise Friendly Plastic® (a bit wider than mesh area) on top of aluminum foil using heat gun or oven. When soft, position piece of mesh on top of plastic and push down; be careful to avoid touching plastic. Pick up foil and push up from underneath with fingers until warm plastic oozes through the holes in mesh.
Step 4
Use palette knife to ease excess plastic at sides over raw edges of the mesh, sealing them in.

Step 5
Heat a small square (0.5cm / less than 1/4″) of Mauve plastic with hot water method; position in middle of warm square of Turquoise. Use needle tool to drag in sides of the square to form a small flower; push a bead into center. (This may require tiny amount of glue to secure).

Step 6
Repeat steps 3 to 5 for other earring.
Step 7
Use pliers to twist all wires at one end of each earring into a tight single twist of wire. Twist other end into four twists. Bead and twist four strands as desired, eventually twisting four strands into two, then into one. Add a final bead; coil wire into a loop; push back up into the final bead. A tiny dab of glue will secure it.
Step 8
Coil the single twist of wire at the top of earring into a loop; twist to secure. Curl end onto back of the earrings; cover with small square Turquoise that’s already been heated.
Step 9
Finally, attach ear wires; open out loop on ear wire with pliers; thread through earring loop. Close securely.

Liz shares this technique and more in her DVD video Series - Bend it Shape it which is available on the left side bar.

Enjoy more of Liz's work and tutorials and as always, please leave a comment below to let Liz know how much we appreciate her sharing her work, creativity and this free tutorial with us.


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Made my first oooze pendant today. Love this technique! Thanks Liz :)

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