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Monday, February 4, 2013

Using Friendly Plastic in Molds - Buttons, BEADS, Baubles and more

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I received numerous emails about our recent Friendly Plastic TV Video on making Faux Porcelain Cabochons with Friendly Plastic Pellets that I wanted to continue the topic of pellets today.

As you saw in the video, using pellets to create jewelry cabochons really opened up the endless possibilities to make your own jewelry.  But now, let's take it even further and expand on this topic:

Liz Welch created the above piece of art using a mould with an asian influence.   My first thought when I saw this was that it was cinnabar, a very expensive material often used in asian jewlery.  But, in fact this is indeed Friendly Plastic antiqued and highlighted with Gold Leaf Rub-N-Buff.

Think of all the possibilities this moldable plastic offers with your mixed media artwork!

Liz has done a brilliant job of creating, buttons, patina'd metal and more with Friendly Plastic Sticks and she shares her tips and ideas using molds and friendly plastic in this blog post.

More tips and Friendly Plastic projects we thought you would enjoy are below:

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