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Monday, March 4, 2013

Make a Spring Floral Tote Bag with Fabric and Friendly Plastic

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Thank you all for being so patient, while I went on a little hiatus to celebrate the birth of my first Grandbaby.  It's been quite a haze around here with all the excitement.  Carlee Jane was born March 1, 2013 at 3:30 am to my son Alex and his wife Beth.  I am one proud grandma....and yes, I'll have to brag a little - here's our darling princess - I think Grandma may have to make Carlee her very first bracelet - maybe use a little Friendly Plastic??

Spring time is often representative of new beginnings.  And so it is with this project idea from Leigh Patterson.  She recently submitted these totes for our Spring theme.

We see a lot of jewelry designs, but it's not so often that we see Friendly Plastic combined with fabric and textiles.    Thank you so much Leigh for sharing your talent with us!!!

Just look at the myriad of colors that Leigh used and highlighted it with strips of textured Friendly Plastic.  It's a beautiful blend of both texture, fabric and color.

Leigh started creating these tote bags within the past few weeks.  They are made from scraps of torn fabic that are tied together.  The fabric is then woven on a peg loom until the necessary length is created to make the bag.  Leigh says that she learned this technique by watching you tube videos.

She says that if you don't have a peg loom, you can make one using cardboard.  (there are several demonstrations on you tube - just search peg loom)

I asked her how she chose her fabric and she replied "It doesnt' really matter what fabric is used, as it makes it more interesting to have different textures and colors."  
Leigh included chiffon, cotton and t-shirt fabric to create her totes.  She says that often she just uses whatever she has on hand or left overs from other projects. 

Leigh also finds fabric at charity shops (thrift stores) and fabric outlets.  She uses that avenue especially when she is looking for a specific color or texture of fabric.  

The handles are made from more scraps of fabric, wool and ribbon which has been trapped between layers of chiffon and then sewn together.

She embellishes the totes with Friendly Plastic flowers that she makes using a silicone mold that she acquired from a bake shop.  She finds that using the hot water method of heating Friendly Plastic works the best for this technique.  She heats up the scraps of Friendly Plastic and pushes them into the mold so that they are overlapped.  Once the design is complete, she places the mold back into the hot water to assure that they are bonded together and also to smooth and finish the back of the design.

She attaches the flowers to a strip of Friendly Plastic that has been textured with a stamp.

Leigh has been working with Friendly Plastic for over a year and loves that it is so versatile and colorful.  She loves to create mixed media projects and finds the plastic adds a nice touch.

She says "Although I enjoy making jewellery most of all, it's nice to have a change and I'm always looking for ways to incorporate any techniques I've learnt into other projects. Anyway there are only so many necklaces you  can wear so I thought making a few handbags wouldn't go amiss. I quite like the contrast of the Friendly plastic against the textures of the fabric in the bag, it adds another dimension. It's always nice to look at something and each time to see another facet to it, I think the embellishments just add a bit extra interest and if you want you can remove them and wear them as a brooch."

Her work is available in her etsy shop : and at local fairs.  Her designs can also be found in what she calls a "quirky art shop" called Delight and Wisdon in Corbridge (Northumerland) in the UK  http://deslight&

Once again, THANK YOU Leigh for sharing your talent with us. Stop by her etsy shop and let her know you dropped by.

We are still looking for Spring themed projects and would be happy to feature you as we have done Leigh.
March is NATIONAL CRAFT MONTH! It's the perfect time to get your crafty on!

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wwilloww said...

Congratulations Grandma!!! It is an awesome experience and you have a sweet little beauty in Miss Carlee.

LP Design Team said...

Thank you all for the private emails and the comments on my grandbaby. She's a blessing for sure and I'm one very proud grandma!

whyducks said...

Oh congratulations you lucky grandma! What wonderful bags, how beautiful!


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