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Monday, April 8, 2013

Creating Beaded borders around Friendly Plastic Cabochons + Video

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Hello FriendlyPlastic peeps!  It's been an amazing last couple of weeks and I appologize that the blog hasn't gotten the love it should have.  I've been on a design spurt the last week or so and yes, I will share more designs soon.

Today's Topic:  How to create a beaded border for cabochons for non-beaders. A quick and easy craft idea from your friends at Friendly Plastic TV

A short while back, I featured a video on how to make faux porcelain cabochons with Friendly Plastic.

I love to bead, but quite frankly, it's time consuming and I admit I'm a little on the impatient side when it comes to wanting something done quickly! I knew that I needed to develop a technique that would be quick and easy for all of us impatient and non beaders out there.   What I really love about this technique is that it combines both of those scenerios - quick & easy, with beaded designs.


This episode of Friendly Plastic TV takes the "Faux Porcelain Cabochon" video and the "Cloisonne Effect" video to the next level to create a beaded border around the cabochon using Fabric Fusion double stick tape and ball chain. You can also use strung beads for an even richer look or create multiple layers.

While we used cabochons made from Friendly Plastic sticks and pellets, this technique will work equally well on a variety of cabochons and pendants.  Feel free to experiment.

Aleene's Fabric Fusion tape is durable enough hold the beads securely in place.

To create the beaded cabochon look here's what you'll need

Cabochon - round, oval or square
Swatch of fabric - we used muslin
Aleene's Fabric Fusion tape
Jewelry findings of choice
Jewelry tools of choice

Apply the Fabric Fusion tape to the back side of the fabric and remove white backing to expose adhesive.

Lay the cabochon in center.

Wrap beaded strand around.  Press the beads firmly into the tape to make sure they are secure.

Trim away excess fabric with scissors.

Attach to your jewelry findings as desired and complete your jewelry look.

Here's some videos and tutorials that you can add an extra somthin' somethin to your designs.  I've also included a link to my cowgirl cuff bracelet because I used this technique on a finished design.

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