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Friday, April 12, 2013

Organize your work space with Magnets made from Friendly Plastic - New video

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Here is a fun and decorative way to use Friendly Plastic. In this video tutorial, Linda Peterson shows you how to create a magnet with strips of Friendly Plastic, glass marbles and inkjet transparencies. No Mess, No Fuss just lots of fun to make in a matter of minutes. A fun way to add a little decorative touch to your work space or highlight your favorite refrigerator art!  Enjoy!

How to make decorative magnets with Friendly Plastic

Designed by:
Linda Peterson

You'll need:

Friendly Plastic - light color
Dye ink pad - color of choice and also black
Rubber Stamp with pattern/image of choice
Glass Marble
Ink Jet transparency
Double Stick tape
Heat Gun

Print or stamp images onto transparency and allow to dry

Create the background by inking the surface of the Friendly Plastic, then stamping to remove some of the ink and reveal a pattern. Allow to dry.

Apply double stick tape to the back of the glass marble, remove backing and position over transparency image. Burnish until nice and smooth. Apply another layer of tape to the back of image.

Remove tape backing and position over Friendly Plastic - burnish 

Turn marble to back side and slightly heat. Use fingers to soften edges. Allow to cool

Attach Magnet

As an idea, attach a bail to top of marble and attach to chain for a simple pendant.

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