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Friday, January 23, 2015

Bead Making with Friendly Plastic - Faux Dichroic Technique

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Need a quick jewelry making idea? It's easy to simulate the look of dichroic glass with Friendly Plastic. All you need is a strip of Friendly Plastic and some patterned leafing sheets. Simple - quick and easy.

Heat a piece of scrap plastic, any color, and form it into a ball. Sandwich this softened ball of plastic between two layers of foiled plastic. Heat the top piece and you will notice that the plastic will slump around. Trim away excess with scissors to form a pillow bead and while it is still warm, insert head pins. Let cool. Trim excess wire from headpins and create a loop with round nose pliers. You can then embellish the bead by wrapping with wire and adding earring hooks and other beads.

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