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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Friendly Plastic - How to make Hibiscus Like Flowers

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I love flowers! They always lift my mood! With Spring in full bloom in my yard, I took inspiration from Nature to bring this segment to you.

Friendly Plastic is a versatile modeling medium that becomes soft and pliable when heated and retains its shape when cooled.

Simply cut a square of your favorite color of Friendly Plastic and heat with a heat tool on a non-stick worksurface.  Let it cool slightly before picking it up.Pinch and ruffle the edges with your finger. Cut a long thin triangle and insert it into the center for the stamen.  Create the leaves by cutting teardrop shapes with scissors, heating and drawing vein marks with a needle tool.

Arrange your flowers into a pleasing arrangement and glue them down with tacky glue.
As you can see, I glued my pieces to a filigree jewelry finding and added some vintage lace to a book.  So many possibilities to turn this into jewelry, vintage inspired designs, decorate photo albums, picture frames and so much more.

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