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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Friendly Plastic Pellets and Fishing line - you won't believe the results!

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Friendly Plastic - How to Make Faux Turquoise

She combined Friendly Plastic Pellets and Fishing line and you won't believe the results!

In this Friendly Plastic video tutorial, Linda Peterson shows you how use pre-colored pellets (here's the video on how to colorize pellets) and turn them into a faux turquoise effect.

Turn those into cabachons for your jewelry making projects. You might be amazed at the products I used to create this effect.

With the exception of one product, you most likely already have everything you need. I encourage you to give yourself some play time with Friendly Plastic pelletes and I'm sure you'll discover a whole new world of possiblities.

Watch the video now to learn this amazing new technique! Faux-turquoise-Friendly-Plastic---Linda-Peterson-Designs

Where to buy Friendly Plastic Pellets -
Oil Based Dye used in this video is from a Leather Supply Store - I use this one.

Materials you'll need:
Friendly Plastic Pellets - approximately 1 ounce
Acrylic Paint - Aqua color
Oil Based Dye - Golden brown
Fishing line - 4lb test
Cosmetic Sponges
Petroleum Jelly
Rubbin Alcohol
Soft rag
Jewelry findings and pendant bases of choice.
Need more inspiration and ideas working with Friendly Plastic Pellets?
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