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Monday, February 27, 2017

Nail Art technique creates Friendly Plastic Marbled beads

I saw this technique come through an Instagram feed.  I love those 30 second quick video's where they show you how create all kinds of nail art.  This one particularly fascinated me and my mind began spinning with possibilities of translating this to use with Friendly Plastic.

This is a super easy technique to create marbled beads and I can guarantee you won't just make one, you'll make 100!

Some helpful hints:
Use more nail polish than you think you will need.  This keeps the nail polish flowing and will allow you to marble it.  You will need either a black or white color for contrast.

Have a paper towel handy to keep your skewer clean from the paint.  It tends to be a little messy, or maybe that's just me, but messy is fun!

Have a whirl and be sure to share what you've created.

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